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Goddess Harley Virtual Bar Date With Harley


Welcome to this awesome 30 minute virtual date with me. I bet u would love to meet up with a sexy office girl after work for cocktails. But in this case you get to kneel at my feet and stroke your cock, LOL. What would you do if you actually went on a date at a bar and was allowed to stroke your cock right there in the bar??? So I want u to lube up that Fleshlight or silicone masturbating toy of yours and follow along to this hot virtual date with me and my hot legs! Oh and as u stroke to my legs I want you to remember that if I were really at the bar with you, you would be buying all my drinks so send that cash to me by emailing me and sending me gift cards. I give you my email inside this video! I think 30 minutes of this virtual date is enough time for u to drink up and pound your dick enough with that Fleshlight to have you professing your devotion to me!

Date: March 15, 2021

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