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Goddess Kate Alexis Bratty Schoolgirl Blackmail Fantasy


You keep holding me back after school for detention but won’t tell me why. I’m getting pretty annoyed and decide to use your weaknesses against you. It’s obvious you can’t help yourself staring at my legs, perfect breasts and ass.You’re married but she doesn’t compare to me does she, your favourite student! When I tease you, whisper in your ear up close, sitting there in my uniform looking so damn good, you get soooo horny you’ll do ANYTHING.Well there IS something that turns me on… you want to know what it is? Buy this clip and find out…But I’ll warn you in advance, it’s going to cost you sir, in more ways than one, you’ll have to do EXACTLY as I say!!!Published Sep 16, 2020Blackmail Fantasy, Chastity$24.99

Date: March 15, 2021

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