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Goddess Kate Alexis Good Boy For Me Mesmerize JOI


This was a custom clip for a good pet. Here is what was requested: a knowingly teasing outfit to distract me. Being slowly mesmerized, almost without realising it. Being made to feel weak and submissive as you take control of my mind with sensual and gentle, encouragement, calling me your “good pet”, “good boy” etc, as you take complete control. Once you have me under though your attitude changes to more dominant. I love the Thought of being dropped instantly by a snap of fingers. After I’m mesmerized you bring me out of trance and then drop me DEEPER with a snap of your fingers and a trigger word.Once I’m nice and deep and mindless you make me strip and stroke for you as you instruct while repeating your mantra: “I belong to Goddess Kate”, demonstrating your total dominance over me. Make me cum then put me to sl-eep once more with an instruction to wake naturally afterwards and remember my submission to you, my Goddess..Published Dec 17, 2020Jerk Off Instruction-JOI, Mesmerize$17.99

Date: March 15, 2021

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