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Affirmations are a tool used by SO many people to give them confidence in themselves and their abilities. In this clip, I provide a guided meditation and put you into a deeply relaxed state, before taking you through a series of affirmations perfectly suited to the submissive person. This is designed to shape your submissive identity and really cement your commitment to the lifestyle, but also to help you come to terms with who and what you are. This clip should be watched at least once a day, ideally first thing in the morning or last thing at night, and it will also benefit you to write these affirmations down and put them somewhere that you will see them regularly. Meditation can have a HUGE impact on your life, and this particular meditation is perfectly suited to your identity and needs as a submissive. If you have struggled with accepting your submissive nature in the past, want a bit of help to remain committed, or simply like the fantasy of a brainwash/mind control scenario, then this clip is for you

Date: March 15, 2021

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