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Goddess Leena Fox Stroking Yourself Stupid


There is no staying away from Me, My power, and My beauty. I so easily play tricks on you, completely disorienting you with My pure sensuality and commanding attitude. Your thoughts and emotions are malleable putty in My hands. You find yourself returning to Me time and time again, eager to stroke your dick for Me. My shapely breasts are often the object of your erotic daydreams. My tits are so juicy and have the the power to make any guy do things he never thought he would be capable of. The more you stare at My tits, the more you want to do whatever I say. The more you look at Me, the more you want to give Me whatever I want. This power I hold over others is nothing new to Me. I am experienced in using your horniess and complete vulnerability to take advantage. Toying with your entranced brain and your open wallet comes naturally to Me. Let yourself experience pure ecstasy by unzipping your pants for your One True Goddess, slave. Stroke yourself stupid for Me, slave.JERK OFF INSTRUCTION, TIT WORSHIP, FEMDOM POV, SLAVE TRAINING, CLEAVAGEAdded: 4/7/20 Price: $13.99 USD

Date: March 15, 2021

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