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Goddess Lucy Mariexxxx Trance Orgasmic obedience


I make you realise what true obedience really is. I want you to obey me in every single way and to know in your mind and body that there is no other Goddess you desire. Once I have control over your cock, then I control your mind, and then I have every part of you. Every tiny part of your brain will be dedicated to becoming more and more obsessed with me.I will make you have a multiple orgasm with a mere command…cum like you have never cum before…explode in such a haze of pleasure you will never be the same againI intimately take you into a deep erotic trance, teasing you with my soft sensual English accent…luring you in with my eyes…so deep…so mesmerizing. I beckon you to come closer to the screen and soon you are lost in a sea of sexual pleasure. Drooling over my perfect cleavage, beautiful breasts and stroking to the movement of my hips as I gyrate my deliciously round ass…seizing your obedience stroke after stroke. There is nothing alpha about you… you long to be my obedient little puppet.. I instruct you to stroke your achingly hard cook for me…guiding you to complete and utter blissful pleasure.I make you feel my dominant presence fucking you into oblivion… my warm wet pussy tight around your cock..melting your control. The Feeling of my body riding your cock, my hands firmly holding your arms in place, my pussy gripping your cock, my warm wet slit massaging your throbbing dick…my tits bouncing in your face. I am fucking you! you could never fuck me. I know exactly how to pleasure a man, I was born to rule weak submissive men. Stroke harder and feel your obedience grow… I have the power to make you cum like no other…feel the pleasure flow through your hard throbbing cock…your obedience is all mine.MIND FUCK, JOI, GODDESS WORSHIP, MESMERIZE, MENTAL DOMINATION, SUBMISSIVE, SLAVE TRAINING, MASTURBATION INSTRUCTIONPrice: $24.99 USD

Date: May 23, 2021

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