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Goddess Madam Violet Odd Is EVEN MindFucked JOI


Possibly My hottest most cock-teasing file to date. Definitely My Fave! A mesmerising JOI extravaganza. I induce you by commanding you move your eyes up and down My perfect body. From My red platform, up My smooth thighs, past My zipped pussy, the shiny PVC, My cleavage, to My beautiful face…and then all the way DOWN again. Up and down ….all the way. Fractional eye closure deepener finishes the job and you are under My control. Let the stroking begin!It’s simple slave; every time I open My legs you stroke, when I close My legs you stop stroking. So many long minutes of stopping and starting. Of gawping, and aching and dripping and spiralling down into an utterly broken puddle of submissive man-mush.And of course as you stroke your cock I’m fucking your mind. My pussy is so close, that zip is so tantalising. My ass, My breasts, My legs fucking you up. Then I swap, when I close My legs you STROKE…and when I SPREAD My long legs, showing you My zipped pussy you must STOP stroking….Finally I want you to beg to cum…and as I just don’t know whether or not to allow you…I allow an objective party to choose. I’m going to ask Alexa to decided! A completely random, entirely fair way to decide your fate…odd is even slave : )

Date: March 15, 2021

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