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Goddess Madam Violet Trained Triggered Anchored OWNED


I get your pussy-mind so fucking WET for Me, if gapes for Me in just the way I�ve trained it to. I use anchoring, trigger words and phrases, fractionation and of course those cock-twitching snaps to ensure that WHENEVER I say the particular phrase *this* state of empty minded, full, hard cock, open gaping mouth and pussy-mind, This state of instant obedience and mind-fucked ecstasy takes over.If you watch this file several I will be able to have INSTANT and ABSOLUTE control over you. Over the phone, over text, DM, and of course in every subsequent file…After intensive training it�s time for your cum reward! But it�s not going to be easy, I want to test the new triggers I�ve given you. So it�s take to WAKE UP NOW! Back in room and then SNAP I drop you down and down. So much deeper than before, they work like a charm!!I stretch out your orgasm even more, I honestly don�t think I you�ll make it until the end without CUMIng everywhere, I really tease that cock HARD. But you�ll have plenty of goes practicing!MESMERIZE, SENSUAL DOMINATION, MENTAL DOMINATION, JOI, FEMDOM POV, CUM COUNTDOWNAdded: 8/30/19Price: $61.19 USD

Date: March 15, 2021

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