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Goddess Natalie Cum for my nylon legs


It’s kind of funny how you watched so much porn so far, jerked off to so many clips and still need jerk off instructions. One would think you’d be an expert at jerking off by now, but you’re just that kind of loser who needs to be told what to do! And since I know how incredibly weak you are for my legs, today I want you to jerk off for that part of my body. Even if you’re not into legs or feet or nylons, today I want you to only touch yourself for my nylon legs! It will be a little sacrifice you make for me…to prove once again how much you want to obey, to submit to me, to be a good boy. And I know for a fact that my nylon legs will make you crumble like crazy, they’ll make your body shake and your cock twitch, all while you adore my legs in luxurious Wolford nylons! I might even give you a little countdown at the end, because I know you desperately need it so you can cum

Date: March 15, 2021

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