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Goddess Natalie Elegant dress ignore


Mornings are for me to relax and for losers like you to pay up and get ignored. What, you dared to think that you deserve anything more? Lol you make me laugh, little weirdo! You can consider yourself extra super lucky to get the privilege of seeing how mesmerizing my curves look through that elegant dress, how amazingly astonishing I look even after having a long night of pleasure with my black bull. What else can a loser like you ask for? And specifically because the view of me wearing that dress while reading is so hard to resist jerking off to, because me dressed up is so much hotter than 1000 naked girls, that’s why you’ll pay extra to watch me. Because you know that specifically because I don’t let you watch me naked in this video and don’t do as you please the same way those obedient girls you’re used to do, that’s why you want to spend on me even more. The fact that I dare to say no to you and will only do as I please drives you crazy doesn’t it? It mindfucks you so deeply that you can’t even close my page and stop throwing your money at me. Aaaww poor you, looks like you’ll be tributing after watching this video, as well!

Date: March 15, 2021

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