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Goddess Natalie Entranced and seduced by my hands Mesmerize


Welcome to a brand new addiction. Oh, you don’t like hands yet? You don’t have a thing for long fingers and seductively long nails? Oh, not just yet, but you will…you know that you will fall deeply in love with my perfectly manicured nails…only the thought of what my fingers would feel like against your skin, your body…you cock…just the idea of my fingers touching, running along your skin and caressing it, me barely touching the edge of your cock with the tips of my fingers, then the tips of my nails to tease it…is enough to drive you crazy. You’re already losing your mind just watching the preview and imagining what the rest of the video looks like, especially when it’s combined with my entrancing voice…so soft and so mesmerizing. Almost as mesmerizing as my wiggling fingers are to you right now, after I got them wet and oily and you started to imagine them running up and down your shaft, making you edge like crazy..if only you could feel one of my fingers making circles around the tip of your cock, you’d already cum within seconds. Watch this over and over again and you might cum several times today

Date: March 15, 2021

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