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Goddess Natalie Fatten up for the Easter bunny


The power that I have over you doesn’t compare to anything you’ve ever experienced before! I could easily make you do anything you want, without even trying to hard! You’re all mine, under my control, you love getting more and more addicted with each clip you watch and each second that goes by! I wanna see you succumb for me even more today, even deeper than before, to fully give in to my charm and let go of all control! I want to see you at your weakest! Doing anything I command you to do just to please me, to make me happy – and you’re going to start with something Easter-themed! Since Easter is just around the corner, how about you grab some chocolate eggs, candy, cake, ice cream and other sweets for me and get ready to be turned into a piggy! I want to give you a sugar rush and I want you edging for longer than ever before today! So stock up on goodies and succumb for the Easter bunny! Wrap your hand around your cock and get ready to feed your hunger for sin, your need to give in and to belong to the bunny! You’re going to be all mine today, in ways that you’ve never experienced before!

Date: March 15, 2021

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