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Goddess Natalie Mesmerized to become a sexbot


It’s fun to have you at my feet, worshiping me for a while, but I want more than just that! I want you to be at my disposal anytime I desire, and I want you to serve me for as long as I wish, in any way that I want you to! I could mesmerize you to become a full-time slave or place some triggers in your mind that will automatically turn you into slave mode whenever I want you to, but that doesn’t seem fun enough! I have a much better idea, instead! I’m gonna mesmerize you to become a little sexbot for me, my human robot that does anything I want without thinking at all. Mindless. Brainw*shed. Completely empty-minded. All mine. Triggered to turn into a robot when I want it! Now that sounds a lot more like my kind of party! And I know you need to listen to my soothing voice today. I know you need to let go, to surrender and allow my voice to relax you. I know you need this after a long day at work, so you’ll do exactly as I say!

Date: March 15, 2021

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