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Goddess Natalie Truth or sissy


Hi there weirdos! As many of you already know, I had a change of looks a few days ago, and you get to finally admire it in the clips I’ll be posting this week. Feel free to tribute to pay for all of it or part of it – you can DM me for details or simply take a wild guess.Now, as you admire my fabulous looks and style in this video, I will also be teasing you with a new game! It is caused Truth or.. and each one of the clips that will be part of the series will have a different theme/topic depending on the day of the week I’ll be posting it on.Today is the third day of the game, but also Friday – the day you suck cock for me, get to watch a coerced bi clip, get fucked in the ass or simply turn into a little sissy for me. This being said, it is also Truth or Sissy day!You will either get a question related to your sex life, fantasies or fetishes related to coerced bi

Date: March 15, 2021

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