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Goddess Natalie You want our used condoms


How utterly pathetic of you to spend your money on buying our used condoms, when your wife is trying so hard to cover up for all the family’s expenses and she even applied for a bank loan so you could all go on holidays this summer. Doesn’t it just make you feel like such a fucking idiot knowing that you make enough money to support your **** but you simply don’t do it cause you Having fun it all on used condoms? How weak and stupid you are, buying an alpha male’s cum, then pushing it all up your ass and fucking yourself with your vibrator until your ass in filled with cum. Hahaha you’re an embarrassment and you know it. You don’t deserve the married life you have now! Maybe I should become your wife and cuckold you for life with black guys hmm? How does that sound, you worthless lil cucky? Let me tell you what our married life would be like then…

Date: March 15, 2021

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