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Goddess Natalie Your forever mantras


You dreamed of me last night, and it so happened that in your dream, I came to your office, knocked on the door and started talking to you. There was something about me that caught your eye. You couldn’t stop staring at me, and when I started talking, telling you that you will become my language teacher starting today, you melted right away. No matter which one is your native language, this video can easily suit you, as I didn’t personalize it with one specific language. I will get you to help me with some phrases I need translated, you will write them down and say them out loud, and before you know it, they will become your forever mantras. I want you to learn them by heart and repeat them daily, until they get imprinted onto your brain. No, of course you won’t just be my teacher from now on. You will be my slave! You’ll be my sex slave, and I will be your Mistress, you’ll do everything that I say and get your upmost pleasure out of doing so!

Date: March 15, 2021

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