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Goddess Natalie Your V day gift from a Goddess


Hi there weirdos! Since Valentine’s day is just around the corner, and I know that you’re dying to get some attention from me on that special day, I will offer you a little present! You will be spending that day spoiling me, binging on my clips and jerking of to me anyway, so why not make it a little more special by jerking off to something especially made for you? I know I’m not normally this nice, but all the cute pink hearts all around made me come around, I guess. So, here I am, offering you the opportunity to get a custom video from me at half the price. This one is designed for the 5 minute duration and you can send me infos about your fetish and kinks once you purchase. If you want your video to be longer than that, you will have to tribute the corresponding amount left until you’ve paid half the price of a custom – since my regular price is $10/min of custom video, you can multiply $5 with the number of minutes you desire and send that. I will be limiting this to only 20 videos, and if you want yours to be ready before V-day, make sure you send me the details and purchase at least a good few days in advance. For everything that arrives too late, I will DM you with the approximate date when your vid will be ready! Once we hit 20 purchases for this item, I will change the price to $35 for all further purchases. Once we hit 50, it will be doubles so back to the regular price of $50. The more you tribute, the more attention I might pay to you and your wishes for the clip. Now let’s see how impressive you can be! *topics I’m willing to cover: SPH, CBT, CEI, JOI, humiliation, verbal humiliation, roleplay, cuckolding, coerced bi, findom, blackmail-fantasy, coerced intox-fantasy; for any h.y.p.n.o I need at least 15 mins to do it properly, so will only to mesmerize for longer clips.*

Date: March 15, 2021

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