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Goddess Nikki Kit Locked in Chastity by Boss or Fired


In this clip, you are My employee, and I am the CEO of a high-end lingerie company. There have been several complaints about you from the female staff. I even noticed that you made some posts on social media referring to the women that work for Me in an impolite manner. I received complaints that you tried to flirt with several of My employees both inside and outside the office. I cannot have employees, such as yourself, making the work environment unpleasant. I will not tolerate perverts around here. It would be best if you learned a lesson in female supremacy. Your pervert eyes have been stuck between My tits in My perfect cleavage since you sat down in My office. I have methods of dealing with freaks like you. Boys like you are precisely the reason why I have the new male employees monitored exceptionally closely. You have two options; accept My terms or be blacklisted from working anywhere else in the city. Your training is going to start all over again. I will not permit you to enter My building without wearing your assigned chastity device. I will be your key holder, and you will enter the building through My office to lock up every morning. Your chastity device has a monitoring device on it as well. I will know where you are and receive alerts if you get an erection in My building. I will be watching you on the cameras at all times. If there are any issues, I will be switching your cage over to a spiked model to make sure the training is effective. But I am sure that you are going to be on your best behavior. What will it be, My pet? Do you want to continue to work for the biggest company in the city, or will you move and start a new life? Locking yourself while you are on-premises is the only logical response. I will see you in My office bright and early tomorrow morning to start your new training. I am sure it will be effective.

Date: March 15, 2021

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