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Goddess Penelope Crusty Cum Chores


I got a question for ya… see those dirty dishes in that sink? Well, do you think their gonna wash themselves?I know how much a wuss like you would love for me to grab you by the cock (like this!) and make you Fucking do those dishes.And do you see how many plates are in that sink??? Yea, two… cuz me and my new lover had a nice Fucking meal… we ate, we fucked and we laughed about how I was gonna make you do these dishes and thank me for it!Should I go into detail how he emptied a condom full of cum on this pile of dirty dishes. Yup, see that white crusty stuff right there? And that gooey stuff right there? That�s a real man�s cum! Lick those dishes clean!HUMILIATION, CUCKOLDING, CUM EATING INSTRUCTION, CBT, FEMDOM POV

Date: March 15, 2021

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