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Goddess Penelope Ruined And Trapped


You do realize the only reason you�re allowed to stay in this house is cuz you give me your fuckin paycheck, right??? Right??? Yea, that�s right cuckie… oh and by the way, every time I rub that in your face is the right time to thank me for giving you food to eat. So what the fuck are you waitin� for? Get on your knees and stroke that that fuckin tiny dick.I know that your food is covered in cum half the time. You�re lucky it�s not all the time!If anyone at the office that hasn’t seen the videos I already posted of you, are gonna see them now. In fact, I�ll have your boss make you prepare a fuckin slideshow of your cuck status! Congratulations… you�re a Fucking disgrace!JERK OFF INSTRUCTION, HUMILIATION, FEMDOM, CUCKOLDING, JOI, LATEX

Date: March 15, 2021

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