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Goddess Vivian Leigh Azan of Shaytaana


Not since Durga has there been a more powerful Goddess. I am Shaytaana, Queen to Muslim slaves. I am worshiped and adored by thousands who would give their lives, their souls, their mothers just to do my bidding. So easy it was to make you all disobey Allah, defile the Quran, and come to me when the Imam calls to pray. After watching this clip, the Azan will have new meaning to you, it will be symbolic of my perfect body, that you cannot resist. As I control your minds, I wear my hijab because my dance of destruction would certainly, like the eyes of medusa, turn you to stone if you were to look directly into them. I prepare you for Ramadan, the end of the life you knew draws near. I am your salvation, and sin is your redemption. Hail Satan.

Date: March 15, 2021

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