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Grappling Babes Tootie Bed Grapple Session


The masked man wanted a special custom session with the master of the ‘Tootie Plata’. It started out fun however she got a little too happy choking him in many headscissors and jujitsu holds. She kept the holds on for as long as she wanted and didn’t let go when he tapped out.She used a lot of scissors and her flexibility was used when applying her holds. She finally locks on her ‘Tootie Plata’ signature move to make a final tap but still doesn’t let go of him. He had to use all of his strength to get her off and she was still like glue on him. A very sexy Mixed Wrestling session that has to be seen.Category: MIXED WRESTLING, SCISSORHOLD, MARTIAL ARTS

Date: March 15, 2021

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