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Harley Lavey Seduced by your Secretary


I’m your secretary and we are on a work trip. I’m worried that I might lose my job so after checking into the hotel, I come by your room, pretending that I want to discuss some work related issues, but once I’m inside I want to make sure you will not lay me off. We sit next to each other. I look at you and tell you the real reason I wanted to meet with you in private is that I want to tell you how much I need the job, and I can’t afford to lose it. I’m willing to do anything. After you hesitate to respond, I start to strip out of my clothing, leaving only sexy lingerie. I push you back onto the bed, giving you a little taste of my qualifications, assuring you that I’m willing to go above and beyond my duties at work, and showing you exactly why you need my services.

Date: March 21, 2021

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