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Hazel vs A Tight Spot


You would have hard-pressed to locate a challenge for Hazel that she wasn’t up for, let alone excited to try. Today was no exemption as I had quite a dilemma for her. Utilizing some belts I rigged her arms into a limited boxtie and also upper body harness. A few even more to keep her legs protect to the table and a ballgag as well as she awaited the centerpiece. A fresh set of clover clamps took firm hold of her unprotected nipples; the chain connected to an eyebolt before her. Salivate already flowing around her gag I had one last dress up my sleeve. One last strap attaches her upper body harness to a pole behind her and is drawn tight. As it pulls her torso back the nipple area clamps are made taught. Any battle is painfully discouraged in her brand-new dilemma.

Date: March 15, 2021

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