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Hey Little Dick Donna Derriere Krystal Niles Music Lover


Simon is trying to give a piano lesson but the girls seem distracted and haven’t been practising their scales since the last class. They are suddenly more interested in the bulge in his trousers than the piano and they ask him if his cock is as big as his tie. The teacher is taken aback but the girl start rubbing the front of his trousers and giggling that there doesn’t seem much there. They undo his trousers and look stunned when they peek inside his underwear. They strip him off and giggle as they see his tiny dick for the first time. The teacher is embarrassed when the girls tell him how small his cock is but they start stroking it to see if it grows. Krystal can’t stop laughing at it but tells him if he shaved his pubic hair it would make his little maggot look bigger. The abuse and laughter obviously excites the teacher though and he starts to cum, making the girls laugh even more.

Date: March 15, 2021

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