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Humiliation POV Kira Star Sensual Mind Slave Trance


This is a Very sensual trance induction. Princess Kira will have you drifting and floating.Just relax and take deep breaths. Focus on my words. You want to obey me. Relax and fall deeper, feel your muscles getting weaker. I want you to think about how heavy your eyes feel. But dont close them, I want you to focus on me. What your eyes see isnt always real, sometimes its what you believe, what you want to see. Think to yourself how good this experience feels. Im going to count to ten and you will sink deeper into trance. And with each number you will feel so much better, more relaxed, safe and secure. With each number I will also snap and you will see a flash, this will have a deep effect on your mind, taking you down deeper than you have ever been. Just relax and feel my triggers in your brain.Feel your body relaxing as I count. The relaxation spreads from your toes to your head. Feel the tingling sensation. Youre floating, you feel free from pain and stress. Complete relaxation. Drifting now, you feel so good. Now when I say, Deeper, you will sink deeper into trance. Youre going to go deeper into trance than you have ever been and I want you to love it. Deeper, Deeper.Now listen to my words and repeat them in your head, I want to serve you Goddess, I am a slave. Feel them penetrate your mind. See them in your mind. Feel them escaping your lips. You are a mind slave and you will serve me. ‘You will obey me without question. Worship me, jerk off only for me. I am your only Goddess now. You are completely mine.

Date: March 20, 2021

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