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Humiliation POV Princess Ellie Brutal School Girl Rejection


Well hello Dork! Am I triggering some flashbacks for you, in this little schoolgirl outfit? Flashbacks of the hot girls in high school. I wouldn’t doubt it. After all I know that guys like you always seem to be attracted to what you can’t have. Your little radar for finding women is completely broken. You only want women that are so far out of your league that you simply have no chance. I mean really, did you think that the hot girls at your school would ever find you attractive? I’m sure you lusted after the cheerleaders and the popular girls. In your dreams loser! We both know that they wouldn’t have anything to do with you. And yet you still lusted after them, you still thought maybe you had a chance.Well did you ever think to look in the mirror? You’re a dweeb. You’re pathetic. You’re not worthy of any girl like me. And that’s why I’m wearing this school girl uniform today, to remind you of what you can’t have. You would be dating down for any woman. Admit it. You’re gross. You disgust me. But I still do love teasing you and making fun of you like this. I get a kick out of this, I really do. But you will never date anyone attractive, if anyone at all. You are stuck jerking off, reflecting on the times at school. You used every interaction you had with these girls, no matter how bad, to jerk off to, didn’t you? You are so fucking pathetic.You’re just another loser in love with hot, popular bratty girls that are so far out of your league. You’ll never get any of this pussy. You’ll never know what it’s like to fuck a really hot chick. You’re stuck working a $ job, jerking off, all weekend long. You live for your weekends. It’s the only thing in your life worth living for, because you hate your miserable life, because you know that you aren’t good enough for a real mate.You’re never going to fuck, you’re never going to pass along your loser genes to anyone. You will forever be a dork, just like you were in high school. A dateless loser with nothing going on for you. So you spend your life jerking off. After being rejected so many times, you finally realized the truth. You’re unfuckable, undateable, no one wants you and that’s the truth. Sorry. You know it’s true. Actually I’m not sorry, I like breaking this news to you. I like rubbing it in your face. It makes you feel bad, doesn’t it? Deep down inside you feel terrible about yourself. And you poor sad pathetic fuck, you can’t even pay for sex because your job doesn’t pay you enough! LOL! All you can afford are these cheap videos. That’s so sad.So you can spend the rest of your life jerking off to school girls. Look at you, masturbating all the time. You’re a sad, pathetic male. You’ll never breed or start a family, ever. So jerk off to that or whatever, I don’t really care if you cum, I really don’t. You repulse me.

Date: March 15, 2021

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