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Humiliation POV You Need Me To Fuck With Your Head


Look at me, i am fucking perfect, the very picture of perfection, your dream girl. Im popular, Im idolized, I have a social life, and men love to spoil me, anything for my time. I am a very hot commodity, everyone wants to be my friend, every guy wants to be my boyfriend. And you have nothing, you are nothing. You have nothing in your life except for this site. This site is your whole fucking life. HumiliationPOV is your social life. You know you dont have friends. You dont have anybody who wants to be around you. All you have are these clips to occupy your time and make you feel like someone is paying attention to you. You need this site.And you need me, you need me here to fuck with your head, to twist up your weak little mind. You need me here to abuse you because you fucking love my abuse. It drives you. Youd go insane without me. You need me on your screen, you need to stare at my beauty while I address your stupid little mind for a few minutes. And thats all you need. You need me to fuck with your head. You need to look at me and worship me while you jerk your weak little dick.But I need for you to know one thing I do not need you, not one bit. I could leave your life forever and it wouldnt effect me at all. However if I were to go away, it would fucking ruin you. You would lose your mind. Because you know you are nothing without me. Without my voice in your ears and my face on your screen your life would be empty. You are nothing without me. You need me to keep going on with your stupid little life.You are so lucky that I fuck with you, that I take my time to address stupid fucking losers like you. Remember, I dont need you, but you need me. You need to pay me, and all the other brats on this site and then get your knees and thank us for gracing you with our perfection. Because your life is completely meaningless without us.

Date: March 20, 2021

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