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Jasmine Mendez LatinAss Locas Jasmine s Arab Pig Workout


RT: While Visiting buffalo this week I had a surprise visit from one of my Arab PIGS and I wasn’t pleased. This pig recently got a big bonus at work and brought me $2,000 cash but I all i could see was the extra 30 Fucking pounds the PIG gained. YUCK straight to the gym, i leash “it” up and walk ‘it” down to my hotels gym and make him work out like the pig he is, On all fours. I had so much fun forcing hi to CRAWL on the treadmill, I can literally see his knees going raw from crawling LOL. His pain amuses me, I even wrap the leash around the TREADMILL handle so when he gives up walking he’s chokes himself out LOL. I Play around with the speeds, Spank, Kick and ride him for further “encouragement” Until pig is crying and can’t get up anymore LOL This was so so so much fun, Best WORKOUT ever LOL , I’m having slave come back tomorrow for ROUND 2 LOL ( Slaves knee caps were completely RAW

Date: May 18, 2021

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