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Kiki Klout Kikis Ass Cleaner


You have been learning a lot of new things about your wife, Kiki, lately. Last night you learned that your pathetic cock doesn�t please her. You also learned that since you don�t deserve her pussy anymore, you also don�t deserve to rest in her bad anymore. This morning you wake up in your cage looking at your beautiful wife. She looks amazing, especially since she rested so well without you taking up so much room! Now you are finding out that Kiki likes to have things stuffed in her butthole. She was fucked last night by a real man! Her ass is still filled with his hot sticky cum. If you want to please your wife then you better start licking her asshole and eating every drop of the man cream covering her ass and filling her asshole. You promised Kiki that you would do ANYTHING to please her when you got married. That means that you will rest in a cage and and clean her ass with your tongue. From now on and until deathdoes you part. Or until Kiki gets tired of you! FEMDOM POV, CUM EATING INSTRUCTION, CHASTITY, ASS LICKING, CUCKOLDING, ASS WORSHIP, PUSSY WORSHIP, HUMILIATION, POV FEMALE, ORGASMS

Date: March 15, 2021

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