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Kimber POV Ass Addict JOI in Thigh High Socks


You are an ass addict and Princess Kimber knows just how to exploit your addiction. You can stroke your little worthless dick for her, but for losers like you, it comes at a price. You will never be worthy of a beautiful girl, but if Kimber’s feeling generous she might allow you the privilege of licking her asshole or suffocating beneath her perfect cheeks. Kimber guides you and tells you exactly how to jerk for her, exactly how to worship her beauty. You are not worthy of her perfect body. The reality is that beautiful girls are special in ways that a beta male loser like you could never be. Kimber is so generous to allow you to excrete your disgusting filth in front of her, on her count. Face it, you owe her just for being.

Date: March 21, 2021

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