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Lizz La Reign Whale hunt


I love the power dynamics of findom! I love toying with weak boys and pushing them into poverty as I take every last penny in their bank account! I like maxing out their credit cards! I enjoy pushing a loser to sell his home and send me the money! But do you want to know what I really really like? I love the most, when a really wealthy loser gives in to my power! I love hunting whales! Those loser boys with large wallets! Are you a super wealthy loser boy who would like to taste my powers? Do you have hundreds of millions or even billions of dollars to spend? Are you wondering what is the ultimate pleasure that this huge amount of money can get you? Get this video and get your rock hard dick out! I’ll give you some ideas! You’ll be eager to contact me after this! The need to experience my full power will overwhelm all your thoughts! WARNING: This is not for the broke ass losers! You need to have really healthy finances: fat savings account, and a gigantic paycheck, to play this game! What are you waiting for? Take the plunge! – ClipNumber: 00594

Date: March 15, 2021

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