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lubstiletto Lady Bellatrix Blackmailed for Worshipping My Ass


Bellatrix saw you staring at her in the hotel lobby earlier and now that your wife and family are gone to bed, she lures you up to her room. When you discover that she is wearing nothing more than a corset, garter and stockings you confess to her that you are desperate to worship her ass. However, she will give you the choice between going back to your room with your nagging wife and screaming brats, with your boring life intact… or the option to bury your face deep into her ass crack. The only thing is, if you chose the latter, you are already being captured on CCTV. So the choice is yours. Do you have a sniff of her soaking wet panties or risk it all? Since you are a risk taker, you soon find yourself admiring her round, white bottom. When you get down on your knees in front of her she reveals her peak-a-boo panties and coaxes you to have a little sniff. With this close up, her feminine fragrances are really exciting you and when you can’t resist and stick your tongue in her sweet ass, you can kiss your marriage good-bye. You are now the property of Lady Bellatrix.

Date: March 15, 2021

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