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Madam Violet Go Into Debt For Madam Violet


Dangerous words sweetly uttered, as you stroke and stare at My beauty, My glittery gold dress, long legs, voluptuous cleavage. as you lose yourself in My light I can drag you down into the dark…  I make going into debt for Me seem like the next logical step. Because it is! No man ever lay on his bed regretting his $10k credit card know what you WILL regret? Missed opportunities. The fact is you can always make more money and people go into debt every single day for their forever dissatisfied wife or their hobby. Going into debt for Me is so fucking HOT. Stroke your NEEDY cock, you know I’m right. Look how beautiful I am, a TRUE GODDESS.  Imagine jerking your cock to the credit card bill every month. I mean what’s five grand? You’d pay it off in a coupe of years and EVERY day of those years you’d be My bitch! How insanely hot is that? I will allow you to cum if you PROMISE to think about all the things I’ve told you, and of course you do. How can you not?! REPEAT what I say as you look in My eyes. Want to or not  you will be daydreaming about going into debt for Me constantly, your dick dripping at the mere thought. I count you UP into orgasm in multiples of ONE THOUSAND, all the way to 10 THOUSAND…the finishing touches to My deep brain tissue manipulation…it’s only a matter of time : )

Date: March 15, 2021

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