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Madam Violet It s My Birthday Drinks Prep


It’s My birthday soon!! And in celebration we will be doing a few of my favourite birthday things. Most important – that celebratory birthday drink! Shots are a traditional way to mark the occasion, and on My birthday you and I will take a birthday shot together as you wish Me MANY happy returns. Of course you will be drinking a shot of your cum, a chilled glass of obedience, good boy juice. Today we will prep the your drink. After you’ve stroked your cock to Mt incredible body your balls will be SO heavy with delicious cum. You want to fill that glass up for ME, so you can toast My perfection on My special day. Of course because My birthday will be a day of abstinence you don’t get to cum which is why we are prepping today. Get the messy bit out of the way. So come my birthday, it’s No muss no fuss straight down the hatch. It’s so HOT to think of men all around the world crying out CHEERS GODDESS! As they down their cum in My honour. Stroke, cum, store your precious nectar…and then join Me on My birthday! missed My actual birthday? that’s ok! You can still celebrate after the fact, time is an illusion anyway : )

Date: March 15, 2021

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