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Madam Violet Lets Pretend


Let’s pretend that you can resist Me, let’s pretend that you’re the only man with a cock who can ignore the effects I have on his body and mind. That’s the game, it’s easy. All you have to do is resist going into trance. I mean you are in full control of your mind aren’t you? I’m not that powerful, not if you’re trying your very HARDEST to resist? Of course My sweet words and mind melting STUNNING body will have you CONFUSED and distracted in no time at all. The double binds, the innocent suggestions, careful placement of phrases and the constant arousing beauty of My body as I move around the bed will have you DEEP under My Hip no t1c Power quicker than you can say ‘DROP. The more you concentrate on resisting the easier it is to slip My commands deep into your brain. Smoothly, seductively and with great finesse I continue to play the game, “of course you can resist Me! Just ignore that feeling of deep PLEASURE SPREADING, just ignore your HARD COCK, but if you DO happen to NOTICE it you will TRIGGER an inevitable drop, but you can still resist the urge to drop deep into trance… Classic Feminine manipulation, like Eve and adam, I persuade to stroke – it’s not cheating, it won’t make you FALL even DEEPER, of course it’s not hard to make you stroke…and soon you are MINE utterly. The point forgotten, the need to CUM everything. I take you to the edge, I want you ready to EXPLODE, any second now… But that would be too simple. Instead I wake you up. Bring you back into the room, and then I say the trigger word I implanted moments before and you cum instantly, all over yourself, uncontrollably, but of COURSE, you can resist Me, SLAVE!

Date: March 15, 2021

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