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Madam Violet Making Gaping Holes


Im going to hip no tise you, build you up into sexual frenzy, seductively carve out deep gaping holes of desire inside of you, and ensure I leave you, unfulfilled, aching and GAPING for Me.Im feeling the kind of horny that no matter how many times I orgasm I cannot get satisfaction, theres still a gnawing hole of lusty need deep inside of Me. So Im taking this out on you, of course! You are going to be My toy, a distraction from the aching throb of My pussy, you can be the clear FOCUS for My frustrations. I will share this sexual frustration of Mine with you – building your sexual and mental arousal to intense levels, and then leaving you, gasping, begging, aching GAPING. You will NOT cum, you will allow Me to FUCK with your mind, to torture your body with PLEASURE and you will SACRIFICE your orgasm. Lay your tight blue balls at My feet as an offering slave, a gift of love, WORSHIP and SUBMISSION.Using conversational, and confusion induction techniques I trap you in trance with My words, and by connecting the stroking of MY cock to the deepening of your trance, the more you STROKE the more STUPEFIED you become. Instructed to stroke slow and steady for Me as you worship My PERFECT body. I stare deep into your eyes as you stroke, you can feel the weight of My gaze and your sexual arousal building, your body filling with a pleasure so HEAVY it pulls you down and DOWN. Trapped and mindless, rendered POWERLESS, edging yourself into MADNESS for My amusement. Realising you have no control over where this is going, no control over your cock. To further clarify My complete DOMINANCE over your mind I leave you with a very powerful post hip suggestion. For the next seven days you will experience a constant ACHING NEED, you will feel that yearning HOLE of desire inside of you, and no matter how many times you cum, how much you stroke, NOTHING will satisfy that craving, the hunger. Because you HUNGER for ME, and in seven days you will cum CRAWLING back to Me, BEGGING Me to FILL that GAPING hole Ive created.Contains: various induction styles, deepener, masturbation instruction, post hip no tic commands, conditioning, tease and denial, edging, body worship, brainwashing.

Date: March 15, 2021

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