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Madame Laveau 039 s Possession


This is an intense supernatural video featuring the amazing Enchantress Sahrye! Early in her youth, the Madame did not have a handle on her voodoo spellcasting the way she would later. When she calls upon Eruzilie Freda to give beauty and power over men, she gets more than she bargains for. When Freda appears, she demands more than the pitiful offerings– she wants a demonstration of Laveau’s dedication to her. Laveau offers up her wrists and says she will give her anything, but Freda has other plans. She says that she must surrender all of her sexual being to possession and Freda wishes to experience it. She fucks her into an embrace and slowly turns her body into the perfect vessel. She will make her orgasm again and again as a show of her sensual power.Soon, she dissipates as Freda inhabits her and Laveau’s body writhes in pleasure.

Date: May 24, 2021

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