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I am an active athlete for over 14 years.I’m the master of various martial arts and I was professional boxer and kickboxer also. Now I do fitness pole dance ,climbing,resistance training and I’m wrestling competitor also.My whole body is tough, strong and perfectly muscled.All of my muscles are defined and lean.The slaves are the same as dogs and when I’m a training my new slaves,the most important to break their egos completely.The best way to do this if they feel that I am much stronger physically than they are.I humiliate all of my new slave really hard by wrestling, mixed fight and armw restling also.Now here is my new slave and I challenge him to fight him in an armwrestling match until 4 wins.After the match, he will know guaranteed that I’m the pack leaderWORSHIP YOUR MUSCULAR GODDESSAfter I beat and humiliated him in arm wrestling,now he admires and worships me as a real Goddess.When I tightens my muscles, he can’t believe his eyes, because all of my muscles are perfectly drawn and lean.He kisses all over my body with reverence, and I accept his submission.Now ,he knows I’m the pack leader.Category: MUSCLE WORSHIP, FEMDOM

Date: March 15, 2021

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