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Marceline Star Of The Party Part 3 The After Party


You were perfect tonight, dear. An absolute star. As promised, it is time for your reward. The cum cup is quite filled up, not only with the cum of our guests, but your own spit as well. To start this after party off right, I want you to remove that butt plug you put in before the party started. Now, dip it into the cum cup. I want you to get it nice and lubed up, but make sure not to waste any contents of the cup. Now that it is properly lubed, squeeze it back into your asshole. Feels amazing, doesn’t it?For your reward, I’m going to let you cum. I promised you one of the best orgasms of your life, didn’t I? I intend to keep my promise. I will continue to instruct you. After all, you love listening to my voice and doing exactly what I say. You can now take your dick out. It’s been aching to be released all night, hasn’t it? And with each dick you took, with every load that was shot into your mouth, your dick got harder and harder. While you stroke yourself, I’m going to feed you the entire contents of the cum cup little by little. You’re going to love this cum shake. Your belly is going to be filled with all the different guest’s cum loads.Dip your fingers in the cum and use it as lube as you continue to stroke yourself. Have your dick coated in cum just like your mouth, your stomach and your asshole.CUM EATING INSTRUCTION, JERK OFF INSTRUCTION, CEI, FEMINIZATION, SISSY SLUTS, MAKE ME BI, SISSY TRAINING, FEMDOM POV, ASSIGNMENTSAdded: 5/7/19Price: $16.79 USD

Date: March 15, 2021

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