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Marigoddess Sensual Ice Cube CEI Challenge


Wearing bright pink Victoria’s Secret bra and panties, I tease you with My cleavage and My plump round ass. I make you pull your cock out so I can see how stiff you are for Me before I encourage you to start stroking. As I strip out of My bra, I make you agree to cum when, how and where I want you to, if you want to jerk off for My perky bare tits. I want to control your orgasm, and I know there’s no possible way you can resist so I’m going to take advantage. I have a filthy challenge for you. I want you to aim your orgasm into an ice cube tray and freeze your seed so I can watch you suck on a cumsicle. You’re going to eat your cum frozen into a creamy popsicle for Me. Soon, I’m wiggling out of My panties to tease you with My big bouncy booty. I show off My bush and begin to rub My clit, moaning as I talk you closer to the edge. When I let you blow your load, I instruct you to aim for the ice cube tray and watch for splash back. After your cum cubes are frozen solid, I make you suck on it until it’s totally melted, just try not to let it run down your chin while you watch Me rub an ice cube over My nipples.Published Feb 16, 2020Cum Eating Instructions, Orgasm Control$31.99

Date: March 15, 2021

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