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Merciless Dominas Mistress Inka Mistress Lady Deluxe Slave Feeding


It’s feeding time in the slave enclosure, and British Domme Mistress Inka and German Mistress Lady Deluxe are serving up a feast for their slave. These two blonde Goddesses treat their hungry slave to some food play, ****, and facesitting in our new outdoor humiliation clip, ‘Slave Feeding’. Beginning with some food play, the Mistresses share their lunch with the slave by spitting their chewed food into his ready and waiting mouth. Wanting to make a mess of their submissive slave, the Goddesses spit food all over his body and genitals too, trampling the food into him with their sexy high heels for good measure. Thinking it’s time for a course of bodily fluids, the Goddesses treat their lucky slave to their saliva, spitting directly into his mouth – which he gratefully swallows – before squatting and p*eing over his face in turn. Before long, repeated golden showers entirely cover the slave in his Mistresses u*ine. The Mistresses decide that this well-behaved slave deserves some nude facesitting, and they take turns using his face for their pleasure. After all this pleasure, Mistress Inka and Lady Deluxe decide to show him their cruel side with some nipple tor*ure, using their sharp high heels and the cutlery from their lunch to s*ab his nipples until he begs them to stop. By the end. the slave is humiliated – covered in food, ur*ne, grass, and footprints – and the satisfied Mistresses walk away, leaving their slave on the ground like a pile of trash.

Date: March 15, 2021

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