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Miss Ginger Serve Perfection


All of your life, you have had a thing for women and the lower halves of their body. You enjoy staring at ass, kissing ass, rubbing ass, and worshipping ass. I want you to get on your knees and beg to serve my perfect round bum. I am going to get you so close to my perfection, you can almost taste it. You want to taste it, don’t you sweet boy? You are a sucker for my ass and everything about it. You are going to serve my perfection with every fiber of your being. You need it, you crave it. You work so hard every single day for my ass, so now I want you to serve it. You deserve to appreciate what God blessed you with, Me! I know you are going to be the best ass worshipping toy boy that I have ever had. Prove yourself to my perfection. Serve perfection, serve my ass. ASS WORSHIP, JERK OFF INSTRUCTION, FEMDOM POV, SLAVE TRAININGAdded: 10/27/19Price: $18.99 USD

Date: March 15, 2021

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