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Miss Kelle Martina The Only Woman You Need


You’re upset with me at the beginning (not shouting angry) but upset. You found my hidden porn stash and you can’t believe that I am watching this instead of thinking of you. Still upset you say you’re going to show me that you’re the only woman I need. You tell me to take my clothes off. When I’m hesitant, you just do it yourself. You come to me and take off my shirt, unbuttoning and unzipping my jeans and then my underwear throwing them all away.You’re in front of me now, undressing in front of me in a dominant and sexy way, maybe still a little upset, but less and less so as it progresses cause you can see its working and I’m hard and horny for you. You get more smiley and playful as it goes on. You take off your tank top first and toss it aside. Then you unbutton and unzip your jeans and pull them kicking them away. You take off your bra next tossing it away and finally your panties, maybe twirling them a few times before you toss them aside. Fully naked and playful, smiling now you tease me with your naked body, encouraging me to keep stroking for you and asserting that you’re the only woman I need. At minute 11 I cum. You laugh and then stand in front of me in that great sexy naked still pose smiling with your hands on your hips, asserting again your dominance over me and how you’re the only woman. STRIP TEASE, DIRTY TALK, TEASE

Date: March 15, 2021

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