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Miss Kelle Martina Tied Up and Denied


This video should again have a very dominant over me kind of tone, but playful also.Minute 1 – You talk about how happy and delighted you are to have me tied to the chair again for more torment. You don’t think I suffered enough last time and you want to have me ache for you some more.Minutes 1 – 5 – You approach me and start taking off my clothes. All the time delighted that I’m powerless to do anything about it.Minutes 5 – 10 You start to undress in front of me while pointing out that I’m helpless and can’t stroke for you. You take off your outer shirt and toss it away. Then you unzip your jeans, turning so I can see your amazing butt as you pull them down and toss them away. Then, facing me again, you pull your tank top over your head before you throw it away. You next unhook your bra and dangle it in front of me before tossing it aside. And lastly, you slip off your panties and dangle them in front of me too before throwing them at me.Minutes 10 – 15 – You spend the last several minutes naked, teasing me with your luscious body and talking about how hard I am and how I wish I could stroke for you.STRIP TEASE, JOI, TEASE

Date: March 15, 2021

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