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Miss Kelle Martina Trained Toiletbitch


Does the thought of a beautiful woman using and treating you as the lowest of the low turn you on? You’ve been trained to be my human toilet. You lay below my toilet bowl, just waiting and waiting for your nasty treat. You’ll get no golden nectar today, just my nasty s**t into your mouth. Open wide and hold it open until I have to go. I’ll tease you with my tiny lace thong, slipping it off to expose my winking pink hole.Can you take the filthy degrading toilet talk I have to spew at you? How does my asshole look nice and close to your face like that? You love when I squat over your nasty pervy mouth, don’t you? How would it taste? How would it smell? Open wide and eat my s**t, toilet bitch!Extreme and graphic toilet talk, not for faint of heart.TOILET FETISH, TOILET HUMILIATION, FEMDOM POV, TOILET SLAVERY, HUMILIATION, ASSHOLE FETISH

Date: May 4, 2021

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