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Miss London Lix If Only


By your very nature as a jerkaholic, you love to live in fantasy land. You stroke it imagining scenarios which only exist in the palm of your hand. And I know one of your favorite things to fantasize about is your high school crush. Do you still pump your cock to the memory of her ignoring your advances? Do you think she was the one who fucked you up like this? You had to sexualize that rejection because she wasnt giving you any other kind of attention! Aww. Too bad sweetheart. Perhaps you were too shy, too socially inept, or have a small cock. Either way, you just werent good enough for a woman of her calibre, just like youre not good enough for me. You were destined to be a jerk junkie, see?!So I want you to stroke to the memory of her today, thinking about how disgusted shed be if she knew you thought of her like this. Wank it thinking about her getting fucked by her boyfriend or husband. Cum knowing it could have been you…if only you werent such a loser.VERBAL HUMILIATION, MASTURBATION HUMILIATION, MENTAL DOMINATION, FEMDOM POV, SEXUAL REJECTION, MASTURBATION ENCOURAGEMENTPrice: $12.75 USD

Date: March 15, 2021

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