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Miss London Lix The Journey Part 3 Pleasure


If you’ve watched Parts 1, 2, you will have been suitably primed, mind wiped clean, and be arriving here with a deep, intense focus on ME. You’re ready to begin your training FULLY, now. You’re ready to sample the pleasures I can offer you. And this part of the journey is ALL about pleasure. There is mesmerizing, gooning edging, and deep plunges to the brink of orgasm, letting you dangle there, helpless, weak, growing more mindless with every stroke, and LOVING it.This is REAL mesmerize, with audio and visual effects. Watch in a darkened room with headphones.Note: This is a custom clip with the name “Rob” used. In parts 1, 2 I removed the name. However, the clip sounded choppy because of this, and the pattern of the binaurals was affected. I believe the clip works best, EVEN for a general audience, with the name left in. So, this clip contains the name, and I have reduced the cost accordingly.

Date: March 15, 2021

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