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Ive grown bored of you and decided that tonight is the night that Im going to end your tiresome existence. You see, while I dont want you any longer, Im going to allow anyone else to have you either. The only solution to is put you down, like an unruly pet. At my invitation you come over to my home find me seductively dressed and ready to play. When I offer you a glass of wine, you dont hesitate to take it. What you dont know is that the wine Ive given you contains a slow acting, but untraceable poison. After youve drained your glass, I tease you, whisper dirty things in your ear and wrap my hand around your cock to jerk you. The faster your heart beats, the more quickly the poison Ive slipped you spreads. You find yourself growing weak. You feel ill but I dont stop my rough stroking. Finally, when you are truly frightened I tell you what Ive done, laughing at your horrified expression. By the time youre spilling your load for me it, its too late. You slowly drift off into oblivion with my seductive giggles echoing around you

Date: March 15, 2021

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