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Miss Roper A Deep Dick Massage Ft Miss Roper


A naive male has stumbled into a rather dodgy massage parlor, lured in by their cheap rates and adverisement of beautiful, feminine masseuses. He quickly becomes suspecious when he is instructed to remove his clothing, and not given a sheet or towel to keep himself from being bare and exposed, though brushing it off as he lays down on his stomach and waits for his masseuse to begin her work. He begins to relax when he hears her foot steps, and the pressure of her delicate hands on his back. He feels all the tension within his body letting go, taking deep sleepy breaths as he finds himself completely unwinding underneath the spell of her touch. Suddenly however, his eyes snap open as he feels a cold liquid drip from between his bare ass cheeks and a gloved finger slip inside. This is NOT what he had in mind! However he is unable to protest or free himself from her grip as the masseuse holds his neck down as she invades his asshole. He feels his insides clench around her fingers, as groans escape his lips. He believes it to be over when he feels her fingers slip out from inside him, but comes to find that he is quite wrong when he feels her hands gripping at his lips and mouth, starting to restrict his air flow before he feels himself slipping away. However when he comes to he finds himself in a predicament he would have never expected…getting plowed and dick downed by a devious dominatrix!

Date: March 20, 2021

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